2.2 - Weight Classes Overview

Published on 7th March, 2023
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How to setup and manage the Weight Classes for the pets

Using weight classes in conjunction with coat type is one of the 2 ways available to the parlor owner to control the way grooming services are priced. Using this pricing philosophy we price each grooming service based on the weight class of the pet and the coat type - single/double coat to produce the final price .. see more here

The Weight Classes

There are 4 classes of weight namely; Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large

This Weight Classes section allows you to change the weight range for each of the weight classes.

The Weight Classes can be accessed by clicking in the Weight Classes menu item from the left hand Main menu. (Note: you have to be logged in with administrator priviledges to access this configuration option)

The 4 different weight classes can now be selected and the ranges edited as desired.

For Teams integration, each Team can set it's own weight category.

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