2.3 - How to configure the main grooming services and prices

Published on 7th March, 2023
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Create the main grooming services and link them to pet weight classes for pricing

This is the area for configuring the grooming services and the associated pricing. Each team has it's own unique set of services, extras and pricing associated to it.

The available services can be found by clicking the Services option on the main menu, This option is only available to users with administrator priveliges.

This will bring up a list of the grooming services and extras that can be configured.

  • Service Name - This is a short description of the service name and is used as the title for the service card in the parlors booking app.

  • Service Type - There are 2 service types

    • Groom Service Type - this is used to indicate that this service is a top level grooming service.

    • Extra Service Type - this is used to indicate that this service is an extra that can be chosen along with the Grooming Service. Multiple Extra Services can be defined for each main grooming service.

Pet Type - This identifies whether the grooming service is aimed for cats or dogs. This is used in the services card on the parlor booking app, to give an at-a-glance pricing per pet in the service card.

Description - This is the full description for each service and normally describes what the service is, and what actions are performed. Emoji's can also be used to spice up your description. (on PC's press the Windows + period (.) key together to bring up the emoji window)

To create a new service click create on the Services overview page to go to the create service screen where the new service for the team can be configured.

The initial screen will allow you to configure the information as we described above.

We also now have the option to decide whether this new service will be priced according to weight and coat length or by breed. The system will always first select the breed price if its a configured breed price, and if the breed price is not configured the system will default to the weight class and coat length pricing matrix.

To add a weight class and coat length price option click the 'Add' button to the right of the Weight Options row. Add the information for that particular weight category and coat length option, along with the price for that combination.

Then continue to add the pricing according to the coat length and weight class, until your Weight table looks similiar to the below.

This is now the main pricing matrix for the service you are configuring.

In addition to the above pricing option, it is also possible to apply a grooming price based on a particular breed of pet. To utilise this option click the create button the to the right of the Breeds Pricing row

Once the pricing options as described above have been completed, you can click the submit button and the new service will be available on the parlors booking app as a new service card for your clients to choose

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