MyPetParlor App offers you

The comprehensive SaaS platform that is not just a booking management system. Suitable for Pet Parlors of any size.

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What do your customers get?

Branded Booking App

The mobile app puts your customer's at the helm of how they want to interact with your parlor and brand. The app is distributed to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Provide a first-class customer experience that is easily accessible from anywhere, anytime.

Set up once,
Book all the time

Customers can easily reuse their profile, pets, and addresses. Making it a one-time setup.

Faster customer

Push notifications enable you to communicate with you customer every step of the way.

What does your team get?

Streamlined Operations

The web app puts your team at your parlor at the forefront of all daily operations. The app is accessed securely through any web browser. Once accessed, it enables different teams with different roles to perform their jobs. With a transparent workplace, your team that can share work with team members, communicate to customers, and make data-driven decisions.

Role-based access
control (RBAC)

Have groomers, drivers, and others in your team access exactly what they need.

Daily, weekly, and
monthly reporting

View daily, weekly, and monthly reports. Make better decisions with more data.

A digital platform that prioritizes your parlor's needs

Reducing operational costs

Increasing team productivity

Helping new & existing customers

It's designed for cats and dogs, by humans.

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How you can give your app superpowers?

Custom Workflows

We understand that a business often has other work that has to be done when a booking is made. To help with this, MyPetParlor App supports multiple integrations that you can optionally connect to the MyPetParlor App to enable custom workflows, or behaviors, not provided by the platform itself. With these custom workflows, you can save time and money while providing your customers with a better experienced through automated invoicing, in-app card payments, and more.

In-app Card

Allow your customers to pay within the app using their credit or debit card.

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Enable the platform to automate your invoicing and payments on Xero for you.

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A better world for pet parlors through digital technologies.

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The MyPetParlor App is licensed on a monthly subscription starting at R450.00.

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