2.7 - How to implement Discount Vouchers

Published on 7th March, 2023
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Implement Discount Vouchers to attract more clients to your parlor

The discount voucher system allows the pet parlor owner to customise the way in which discount vouchers are configured and work. The Voucher configuration screen can be reached by clicking on the Vouchers option from the main menu on the left. This configuration can only be accessed by a user with administrator privileges.

Clicking the create button will allow you to make a new discount voucher where the following configuration options can be chosen

There are 2 main types of vouchers

Percentage Discount Voucher - For when you want to give a percentage based discount to client(s) based on the total booking value. This is great for Spring Grooming specials or any other special discounts the parlor owner wants to apply.

Value Based Discount Voucher - For when you you want to apply a value base discount voucher. This is great for your 'special' clients that for a particular reason always pay a bit less than the other clients.

  1. To apply the discount you've offered, you'll provide clients with a code to use on the booking app. We recommend short, catchy codes like SPRING20 or 20%OFF that are both descriptive and easy for clients to use when booking.

  2. The Usage Limit sets the maximum number of times the voucher can be used overall.

  3. The Usage by Customer Limit sets the maximum number of times a single customer can use the voucher.

  4. You can set an Expiration Date for the voucher to naturally end. If you choose the option for the voucher to never expire, the Expiration Date will be ignored.

  5. The Parlor owner can manually enable or disable a voucher at any time.

  6. You now have the option to choose whether the voucher will offer a discount or a set amount. Depending on your choice, you can enter the corresponding discount percentage or amount value.

At this point you can click submit and the voucher will be available for use on the parlors booking app when your client gets to the final payment option screen in the booking process.

Once the Voucher has been created you can monitor the usage of the voucher by clicking on the voucher from the Voucher overview screen.

Here you can see

  • the statistics for the voucher usage,

  • the ability to enable or disable the voucher,

  • set the "expires?" flag .. if set to off the expiration date for the voucher will be ignored.

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