2.8 - Using Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) to manage your teams

Published on 15th March, 2023
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Assigning Roles in the parlor using Role-Based Authorisation

In each pet grooming parlor, there are normally various major roles that employee's take on.

Each of these roles have been identified and consideration given for the interfaces that they work with. As each role can be quite different, and therefore thier access to the system, and the user interfaces they are presented with, will be different and will align with the employee's role in the parlor. Furthermore roles are team based, so a Recptionist in Teams A has access to only Teams A information access based on his/her team and role.

The 5 roles

  • Employee - These accounts are for employees, generally receptionist(s) who handle the front desk of the parlor, or any other employee involved in the MPP System. This is the default role that all employees get, including groomers, admins and pet taxi drivers.

  • Owner - This is the account that owns the MyPetParlor App license. This account will have been created when you signed up to deploy the system in your parlor. This account can perform all actions on the system, including the setting of role-based priveleges.

  • Admin - These are administrator accounts. These accounts have the ability to create and edit all the configurations settings for the system.

  • Groomer - These accounts are specifically for the pet groomers. The system present's differently when the groomer logs into the system. When logged in, the system shows an easy to use interface, for the groomer to select from the pet enclosures which pet to be groomed next, and to mark when the grooming process has been completed.

  • Taxi - These accounts are for your Pet Taxi Chauffeur(s). The system present's differently when logged in as a Taxi account. This account will be presented with the ability to see today and tomorrow's bookings that are scheduled for transportation. The system uses an easy-to-use interface to allow the Pet Taxi Chauffeur to mark when pets from a booking have been collected and when they have been delivered home again.

Viewing and editing roles

The employee and role information is accessed from the Employees option on the Main Menu.

Please note that some roles such as Groomer and Taxi when used to login in to the system define specific interaction with the MyPetParlor system, and will limit access to only the functions that the role performs.

Editing an employee brings up the employee card that allows an Owner to determine the role(s) that an employee will be assigned.

With this simplified approach to Role-Based Access Control, control of how employees interact with the system is placed in the a hands of the parlor owner.

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