1.2 - The difference between the web, Android, and iOS apps

Published on 6th March, 2023
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Get a clear and simple explanation on the difference between the web, Android, and iOS apps.

Web App

Nickname: The Portal

The web app, colloquially known as the portal, allows the management of the customers, bookings, and employess while also allowing administrators to update services, configure prices by weight range or breed, set custom weight ranges, create voucher-based marketing campaigns, and more.

Android and iOS Apps

Nickname: The Customer App(s)

In addition to the web app, you receive a branded Android app and iOS app, together known as the customer app, that can be downloaded by their customers so that they can manage their own profile, pets, addresses, and bookings.

How they communicate

Push notifications are used to allow for fast communications between the customers and employees whenever their booking's state is created, updated, or deleted.

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