Introducing MyPetParlor App

Published on 1st March, 2023
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Introducing MyPetParlor App. The MyPetParlor App provides a branded app for your customers that links to your own business' web portal to digitally manage your pet parlor.

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Your new MyPetParlor App has arrived.

The MyPetParlor App provides a branded app for your customers linking to your own business' web portal to digitally manage your pet parlor.

What's new about this?

Our app covers both the customers and employees of your pet parlor. Where most only focus on the management side, we provide an unparalled customer experience by deeply connecting customers with employees through branded Android and iOS mobile apps and management web portal.

Why us? Why do we think we could do this?

We are a skilled and experienced team with a shared vision to help build a better world for all businesses through digital technologies. With a collab agreement between MBA and the National Pet Groomers Association SA, we are confident that our project is helping on the ground.

The project

We are building a multi-tenanted SaaS app that will allow pet grooming businesses of all sizes to digitally transform their booking processes. We are also building an open ecosystem of integrations around the app to automate more workflows linked to bookings. For example, the app supports integrating with Xero to automate invoicing and Paystack to support multiple payment methods. The integrations communicate with each other and the booking app to provide a comprehensive and configurable workflow for any pet grooming business.

The SaaS app was designed to be multi-tenanted to ensure the most optimal way to share costs and to enable the app to scale globally. But each tenant, once onboarded, receives their own web portal for employees, The portal allows the management of the customers, bookings, and employess while also allowing administrators to update services, configure prices by weight range or breed, set custom weight ranges, create voucher-based marketing campaigns, and more.

In addition to the web portal, the tenant receives a branded Android and iOS app that can be downloaded by their customers so that they can manage their own profile, pets, addresses, and bookings.

Push notifications then allow for fast communications to customers whenever their booking's state is updated.

The MyPetParlor App is an all-in-one but extensible booking system for the digital world.

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