6.1 - Integration with PayStack

Published on 7th March, 2023
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Integration with PayStack for in-app credit card payments.

Used by Africa's largest businesses.


payment gateway integration enables card payments to be a supported feature on our software products.

A seperate Paystack account is required to enable card payments in the MPP client booking app. If you do not have a Paystack account, we encourage you to create one at this


To integrate Paystack with MyPetParlorApp select the settings options from bottom left hand corner of the window, then scroll to the bottom of the General Tab till you see the Connected Apps section, and select 'Manage' for Paystack.

This will open the settings configuration windows. Here you can see the current status of the integration.

This configuration allows the portal owner to switch the Paystack integration to be in one of the following modes of operation.

  • Live - This is the mode that uses the live configuration and will effect live payment transacations on the parlors booking app when the client selects to pay by card during the booking check-out process.

  • Test - This mode is usually only used during the setup and testing of the Paystack integration.

  • Disabled - This mode disables the Paystack integration and removes the 'Pay by card' option when checking out on the parlors booking app. The Authentication Keys

Both Live and Test keys allows the MPP system to pass payment information to the Paystack system for card payment processing. Our system contains the billing information for the booking thats being paid for, while Paystack has the information to which bank account that money needs to be transfered to .. i.e. your parlors designated bank account.

For more information on how to obtain your keys, please visit Paystack's 


. Once your keys have been succesfully configured in the MPP system, a few test payments for test bookings can be completed to ensure you understand how the on-line payment process works. When you are ready to go-live with the Paystack integration, the Live mode can be selected and applied.

When a booking has been paid via Paystack on the parlors booking app, the details of the payment are provided on the booking card along with a button that will link you to the relevant payment information on your Paystack dashboard, thereby providing a seamless integration between the MyPetParlorApp system and the Paystack payment gateway.

For further information regarding this important integration, please


us and we will gladly answer any question you may have.

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